week 16: is lifting heavy my new thing?

Due to last week’s great experiences with lifting heavy and due to the spring season at my gym coming to an end (which means that the group exercise class schedule gets redone and in the summer there are WAY fewer classes (it’s a student gym) and not all the instructors I love are working), I decided to incorporate way more of big weights into my week (in comparison to before).

Monday the gym was still closed but Tuesday I was back there (of course) and I did my legs REALLY hard at the gym (with my boyfriend). Ended up being exhausted and sore for days so it was a success. Wednesday he helped me do my biceps at the weight room at the gym for the first time and it was really hard and got me really sore. I also did my abs on Wednesday. Thursday was dedicated to my shoulders, foam rolling and stretching lots.

Friday I did my lower back (again with the help of my boyfriend) even though my legs still felt quite sore and I don’t know if it was because I was doing it for the first time ever or because the weight I had was too high or if I did too many reps but I got serious lower-back fatigue. I couldn’t ‘use’ it rest of Friday and the rest of the week it was SO sore. I really learned to appreciate my lower back cause honestly, it’s so much worse than having anything else be super sore. It’s such a killer. I can deal with sore legs or sore abs or sore arms or a sore chest but my lower back didn’t feel great. This is one of the big risks of using bigger weights I guess. But I promise that my form was exactly as it was supposed to be, I know the movement and I’ve been doing it with lighter weights for months. But upping those weights to around 50-55kg proved to be a bit much for my back.

Saturday I went to do my triceps and my chest and I was considerably weaker than the last time I did them since my upper back and lower back were really sore from earlier in the week. But it’s still amazing that I went.

Overall, I’ve felt so happy at the gym and I’ve enjoyed spending anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half at the gym. I haven’t been counting how many more minutes I need to get myself through before I can quit. I’ve just enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed the weights and stretching on my own and foam rolling and discovering things my body can actually do.



Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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