future adventures await in France

Life is about making choices and I made a really big one some months ago. Choosing to go to France for the next year was a huge choice for me.

Thinking about moving abroad has been an active thought in my mind for over a year but it’s almost as terrifying as it is exciting. There are a million details for me to figure out and choosing where to apply for my mandatory exchange (even if it wasn’t mandatory, I’d totally go) wasn’t easy at all. I was debating between two different countries but in the end, France won. And in France, I fell in love with the idea of Bordeaux and the exchange school that we have in Bordeaux. (Obviously it’s still April so nothing is 100% confirmed yet but this is where I am going!) My application had every single point done perfectly since I had been working hard for years so that I could get to choose where I wanted to go and get my first choice university. And I did.

I’ve studied French for a year in India, for four years in the US and now for half a year in Finland. That’s a lot of French studies, trust me. I still feel like I don’t speak the language fluently (or even as close to fluent as I’d like myself to) so I’m going to France, I’m going to take my courses in French and I’m going to speak French, not English (English is my comfort zone language). I’ll force myself to do it because I really want to be able to be trilingual. That would be amazing.

Besides the language, and the school, I’ve just always been in love with France. The history, the culture. I’ve only ever been to Paris (which I LOVED) and I’m really excited to be able to discover the rest of France and actually live there. I’m making the 7-year-old-me’s dreams come true with this decision. When I first got into the school where I study, my original plan was to go to France for my exchange. I had just turned 18, just graduated high school and found out I had a place at a university in Finland and I knew that I wanted to move to France and use my French and fall in love with the country over and over again.

What do you do when your dreams come true? What do you do when you get exactly what you want?

Things have worked out so perfectly for me so far. And I’m starting to believe that I’m a very lucky person as well as a very hardworking one. I worked so hard in order to have the perfect exchange application and I worked so hard to get into my university. Everything’s gone more or less well ever since I became a legal adult. (And things went well before that as well of course but I was less responsible for making huge decisions.)

Maybe I’ll fall in love with southern France and never want to come back. Maybe I won’t love it as much as I hope I will. But whichever way things go, things will be fine. I can always move on and find new opportunities and challenges. Maybe in the end it isn’t the place where I belong or am meant to stay for longer than next fall but I am excited for moving to my new home and experiencing all those new things. I want to challenge myself and see how far my wings can actually carry me.

So I just wanna tell you guys that when you’re faced with a difficult choice, pick the one that scares you the most. It’s probably the one that’ll make you grow the most as well and that’s what I’m hoping from this choice.


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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