week 15: first adventures with big weights

Monday was super busy with university (with two universities actually, I had to run to one in the morning, then another one for the day and back to the first one for the evening class cause I was giving a presentation on a French company’s plan of expanding into the US market. Fascinating, right?) so I didn’t have time to go work out. My boyfriend also came back from his travels (and I was so happy to see him) so yeah. Really didn’t have time to make it to the gym but that’s okay since I went the day before.

Tuesday was cardio and thanks to Easter, the gym was closed this week from Thursday afternoon until next week’s Tuesday and a lot of the classes I typically go to were cancelled so I went out of my comfort zone and went to the big, strong people gym with my boyfriend and his friends (so like the normal gym with machines and a weights room with really big weights). I have a case of gym intimidation (still) and it was kinda scary since I’m not used to doing a few reps with super high weights. I do smaller weights but a lot of reps.

But yes, Wednesday I went to the gym with the boys to do the chest and abs. Was scary. Really, really scary. It was in the intimidating weights room with really big weights and really serious looking guys who were doing exercises with huge weights. But I turned out to really enjoy it. My boyfriend and his two friends were really helpful with helping my form and figuring out how much weight I need to have and my boyfriend was my spotter (and so I felt super safe and secure doing everything cause I knew he wouldn’t let me hurt myself). Thursday I went to the same big weights room with just my boyfriend and I tried to squat with actual heavy weight for the first time ever. I did succeed but I did more than I was actually supposed to do since in the beginning it just kept being too light on me.

Since the gym was closed the rest of the week, on Saturday I did a short 25-minute abs workout off of a fitness blogger I love. It felt intense on my abs of course but probably didn’t help me grow stronger abs (since I sort of need some instruction).

All in all, I’m VERY happy with this week’s workouts. I actually went to the actual gym! And I did well (and ended up being CRAZY sore in my chest and arms for almost the whole week and also a bit sore on my legs and bum of course). I’ve got many reasons to feel proud.


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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