9 non-scale victories from the first 2 months

When most people start working out and eating healthy, most commonly the goal is to look fitter and probably lose some weight (I’ve totally been there). Even though the first goal should be to be healthy and feel amazing but I know that for young women my age it’s hard to think of your health 20 years from now and then it just becomes about that “bikini body”. And most people also fall off the workout wagon because they don’t see enough visible change fast enough. (Having patience is SERIOUSLY hard, I know…)

So when it’s difficult to convince yourself to go on working out and working hard, even when you haven’t seen much visible progress (and not nearly as fast as you’d have wanted to) and feel like you’re not getting real rewards for your efforts, refer to my own personal list of non-scale victories (or mostly non-visible ones). Weight really doesn’t mean anything, it could be staying the same while your body is transforming some of your body fat into muscle.

  1. I started fitting into shorts I had never before fit in. I know this is a visible one, a little bit. But just hang on and let me explain! I had ordered the wrong size of the perfect shorts (almost a year ago) and I couldn’t get them past my thighs. That was super embarrassing for me and that was before I had my ‘big’ weight gain last year’s May. I didn’t bother returning them (maybe I just hoped I’d fit into them sooner?). I forgot about them and when I was doing my closet cleaning and found them. And I could actually get them on. I got them all the way up and I buttoned it (but didn’t dare yank the zipper up). It felt wonderful that my body was changing even though I couldn’t really visibly see it. (Fitting perfectly into those shorts came later…)
  2. Clothes started feeling more loose. Kind of the same store as above. It just felt great that clothes started feeling bigger.
  3. I’ve had a ton more energy. Seriously! I am so much more productive and my energy level has increased so much.
  4. I sleep amazing. Enough said.
  5. I’ve felt really healthy and just lighter and slimmer in general. It’s that good, healthy, light feeling that you know what it is when you feel it. It’s also really amazing.
  6. I’ve become A LOT stronger. This is one of the best feelings.
  7. My endurance and stamina have gone up a lot. I can work out harder and for longer.
  8. I’ve learned a lot about kickboxing (and kicking and boxing). I took that class so just think of things you’ve learned from new exercise classes, or from running or walking or from going to the gym. Because whatever you do, you learn something new.
  9. I feel proud. This is the best one of my list. I am so happy in my own skin and I just want to make myself feel even prouder. I’m proud that I can do this and I’m even prouder that I’m keeping it up.

I’m sure there are TONS of other non-scale victories for all of us to celebrate but these are the biggest ones I noticed in the first two months when I started working out regularly. I really hope that these could motivate you to get through a tough day and find your motivation again when it’s not all there. ♥


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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