week 14: I’ve officially fallen in love with sweating.

Monday started out with sweating and I was sooooo thankful for it, it felt amazing to have a session where I got out of breath and struggled and pushed myself as far as I could. I took heavier weights than I’ve ever used before and that gives me the most accomplished, proud feeling since now I’m using almost double the weights than I did in the beginning of January.

Tuesday was cardio, as usual, and I always have SUCH a fun time in that class, it’s not difficult at all to get myself to leave to go because by now I know that I’ll have fun each time and that I’ll feel amazing during and after. All of Tuesday and Wednesday my obliques felt really sore and I’m so happy that I worked that hard on Monday (my abs aren’t typically sore, my chest gets sore often and my legs but not my abs).

Thursday’s class felt great (I used the heavier weights there too) and I realised that I don’t need to force myself to get to a workout anymore. I enjoy it so much. Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday (with using the heavier weights). Sunday I kicked my own ass in class and I couldn’t be happier.

My boyfriend was on a holiday trip with his friends all week and I’ve had a ton of university assignments to finish so it’s balanced out well (with having lots of time for finishing assignments, eating healthy, working out and blogging!).

Every single day, I feel SO thankful for having the ability and the choice to workout. I have the means to go use weights and get instructions from really amazing instructors who know what they’re doing. I have the physical capability to work my muscles and do things. No one should take those for granted. I am just so amazed and thankful that I get to workout. And this week, I really realised that I have really fallen in love with it.


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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