food diary #1

I believe that what people eat in a day is very different to each individual but I do also believe that sharing what you eat is a good way to give ideas to other people (since I love looking at food diaries, I always get really great ideas from other peoples’ diets!).

As a disclaimer, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not telling anyone to eat the same amount of food as I do or to consume the same amount of macros as I do. This is what works for me. I know it probably seems quite low calorie (since it is), but I really am not starving myself. This made me feel full and when I feel hungry, I eat. Since I started being quite careful with my macros, I’ve got concern from my boyfriend and best friend since I share with them what I typically eat (to my boyfriend because we’re always together and to my best friend because I love sharing recipes with her). They’ve both occasionally worried about if I’m eating enough or not and yes, there’s been days when I consume maybe 1000 calories (which is really low) but there’s also days where I consume over 3000. So I’m trying to find a balance and this is what makes me feel good, fulfilled and I try to make sure I hit my macros (and micros).

I hope you can get at least something little out of this picture food diary and just remember that you should eat exactly what works for you (while being healthy of course). And I am aware that taking pictures of food is definitely not my strongest skill but it’s the best I could do!

morning coffee

P: 2g / C: 2g / F: 0g

calories: 22


P: 29g / C: 22g / F: 44g

calories: 518

snack 1

P: 11g / C: 12g / F: 11g

calories: 188

snack 2

(I most definitely did not have the whole bag of protein powder, just a scoop)

P: 21g / C: 33g / F: 2g

calories: 223

snack 3


P: 15g / C: 50g / F: 10g

calories: 370

total macros

P: 78g / C: 119g / F: 67g

total calories: 1322


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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