April goals

It’s been proven that when you make vision boards and write down your goals and things you want to accomplish and gain, you’re WAY more likely to accomplish them. If you make a visual presentation of this goal, you’ll have it stuck in your head more than if you never saw it. I’m a person for writing things down and talking about them. So I decided that I would make my own (monthly) goals extremely public by posting them here. Maybe some of you guys will decide to make goals a little bit like mine or just write down your goals in general! (We can try it together and see if it works or if it doesn’t!)

I’ve decided to make my April goals quite simple to start with but I don’t think it’ll be too easy to accomplish them both. Any goal requires work to be put in and these are two that I have never perfected and are super important for me.

  • Count my macros (almost) every single day. I started doing this a couple of week ago (as you know if you read my week 11  update since I wrote about it a little bit) and it isn’t the most difficult thing to do but it also isn’t the easiest thing since it does require a lot of thinking (at least in the beginning and that’s what it is for me). It’s definitely good to count my macros in order to get an understanding of how many grams of protein/carbs/fats are really in foods and what I need to eat to hit all my macro goals, which I won’t put on here since macros vary so much from person to person and on your goals. My goal is to have higher (good) fats and lower carbs and of course, high protein. There’s no particular reason for this other than I have to really concentrate on getting the right amount of protein grams and I think I’m used to eating higher fat and protein than high protein and high carb (I really, really love avocados and almonds and olive oil…).


  • Cut back on sugar and processed foods. My other April goal is this. And it will definitely be harder than the other goal since I love chocolate and am probably sugar addicted (like everyone else since there’s sugar in pretty much EVERYTHING). I don’t eat much processed food in general (the most is like frozen veggie patties and falafels) but cutting back on sugar is hard with cravings. But my birthday is in less than a month (yay!) and I want to have clear skin (I mean I do right now as well, but still) and look my absolute best! It’s a mini-goal and typically my goals are definitely not about how I look and completely about how I feel but this is a little bit about how I look as well. I want to look fit and happy. And if you cut out sugar, you’ll slim down. It’s just a given, it’ll happen (at least with me if I’m successful). So I’m going to try REALLY hard to keep this promise to myself and achieve the goal.

I’ll update you guys on how trying to achieve both these goals went (probably in the post for next month’s goals cause I plan on making this a monthly thing) but so far it’s gone great and I hope I can really accomplish this all.


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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