week 12: testing my limits

Week 12 is the one where people say the world notices visible changes in how you look and I can confirm that in my case, they were right. There is SUCH a big difference with my body if you compare it to how it looked when I started 12 weeks ago and now. It’s SO obvious to me.

On Monday morning I woke up, jumped out of bed (well, something like that), ran in front of the mirror and I just stared at my tummy and kept flexing and relaxing my abs and it was so clear that I had developed stronger muscles (under that layer of fat that I have like most people do). And if I flex my arms, you can see my biceps contract and pop out a little bit. It might not be very noticeable to anyone but me, but they pop out A LOT more than they did in January before I was doing regular pushups and lifting weights

Monday was also a very well deserved rest day since I had worked out the past 4 days with no rest days in between. It wasn’t a very relaxed day though, I was running from one university to the next all day. (I’m taking a class at another University in Tampere as well, it’s complicated to explain…) But it was still great for my body. Tuesday night I went to the cardio dance class and had an amazing time. Thursday I had to look for a bit more motivation and when I didn’t find any, I looked for dedication and went to the gym anyway. Friday and Sunday were good workout days too since those days I work with weights and try to absolutely crush it. Overall this week made me feel very proud.

Im addition, I did some research on different types of proteins and what I should get (since I started counting my macros, it became very clear that in order to reach my protein goals I need to have a scoop of protein powder daily since I’m a vegetarian and eating at a caloric deficit right now since that aligns with my goals for the next few months). I actually learned A LOT and think I’ll write a post about it since at least I needed to read so much in order to understand what is the best option for me and why. But yes, I did get some extra protein and now I am getting my grams of protein per day.



Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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