week 11: killed it, in a good way

This was the week that I really made a mental decision to get back on track with eating healthier and working out a lot more each week than just a couple of times. Yes, your body does need rest and yes, your body does sometimes need to eat a bit more unhealthy but I felt like I’d had a bit too much of it the past few weeks.

Tuesday was my boyfriend’s birthday though so I didn’t have my typical gym schedule since Tuesday is typically cardio for me but obviously I was busy celebrating (and I have no regrets about missing that workout).

Since I rested the previous weekend (the whole weekend), I went to a new class I hadn’t tried before on Monday (which is called Thighs-Abs-Buttocks) and I got really, really sore (only my calves though) for the first time in a long while. I’ve started to get way less sore after doing anything and if I do get sore, it lasts maybe a day and a half or something like that. No more three-day-so-sore-can’t-even-walk-normally soreness. I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s good or bad because I know soreness isn’t an indicator of if your workout was good or not.

The middle of this week I started counting my macros (mainly because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough protein) and I made the decision to plan my next month’s workouts (since I know what my University schedule will be like) and I also decided that I’d take more classes that train muscle strength with weights since that’s where I feel really, really happy and proud since I feel myself getting stronger.

I went to the gym on Thursday, Friday and Sunday to work with weights and took a new dance class on Saturday (which I really did not feel like going but ended up having a really fun time).

I’m really learning that I never regret going to the gym for a class after actually doing it. Sometimes there’s just that mental barrier of “I don’t feel like it/I don’t want to/any other excuse for not going” and that’s what everyone needs to get over. And once you do, you’re teaching yourself to be dedicated with your own personal fitness goals. I also feel like my goals evolve the more I enjoy the gym and the longer I’ve kept doing it.

This week I’m honestly VERY happy with (even though I didn’t eat so healthy the beginning of it because of the birthday celebrations) but because I managed to get my butt to the gym 5 out of 7 days this week and that’s really great for me.

Another reason to be happy is that spring is coming! Even here, up far North in Scandinavia, the sun has started  to shine more and more and (almost) nothing could make me happier. That means spending more time outside in the sunshine and I love love love sunshine.




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