week 12: testing my limits

Week 12 is the one where people say the world notices visible changes in how you look and I can confirm that in my case, they were right. There is SUCH a big difference with my body if you compare it to how it looked when I started 12 weeks ago and now. It's SO … Continue reading week 12: testing my limits

week 11: killed it, in a good way

This was the week that I really made a mental decision to get back on track with eating healthier and working out a lot more each week than just a couple of times. Yes, your body does need rest and yes, your body does sometimes need to eat a bit more unhealthy but I felt … Continue reading week 11: killed it, in a good way

week 10: improvement, improvement

This week was definitely lots better than week 9 or week 8. But I guess I shouldn't compare because each week my body is a little different (if I'm doing what I should be doing). I had one cardio workout and two strength training classes that I really, really enjoyed.  This week kind of flew … Continue reading week 10: improvement, improvement

week 9: diet from hell but still stronger

I didn't eat well this week. Or I mean, healthy. Mostly I rested. It was the week of our winter break and I didn't really have any solid plans (like traveling or working) so I ended up relaxing most the week. But I did feel a sudden rush of motivation on Friday and ended up going … Continue reading week 9: diet from hell but still stronger