week 6: hello, baby abs!

I’ve started noticing my body changing a little bit, ever since week 4. I’m starting to feel a stronger core and I’m starting to see the shadows of abs (under a layer of fat) and it might not seem like a big accomplishment to sort of start seeing the shadows of some muscles but for me it is big since I’ve never really had a strong core and I’m working towards one now.

This week was a little disaster since I got really sick by the end of it. I did my typical workouts until Friday (which is when I started feeling a little bit off) and Saturday I was already full on sick and exhausted. So I didn’t finish the week so strong since I had to focus on recovery.

Sometimes you have to be sick. And that’s not the hardest part, to make yourself rest, but to get yourself into going back to the gym after you know you’re well enough and feel stronger again. So I already knew that the next week would be a really big challenge cause I’d have to get back to the gym after a break.

It kept getting worse all weekend so first thing next week I’m going to a doctor and hopefully it’ll get better soon so I can get back on track. (For obvious reasons this is a very short blog post this time.)


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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