week 5: how did I already get this far?

Time really flies. And it even flies when you’re eating really healthy and exercising 3-5 times a week.

I was so sore the beginning of this week due to pushing myself with heavier weights last Sunday. I was sore from the first moment I woke up on Monday and it lasted until around Wednesday. But  I just felt so proud and great about myself for being able to push my mind to master my body that strongly.

I went to yoga and Zumba class on Tuesday as planned and really enjoyed both. The waking up really early part wasn’t the most pleasant or anything but it was easier than the week before (thankfully!).

Thursday I went to a strength training class (even though my motivation was super low) and Friday morning I made myself go to kickboxing class (motivation was even lower). And kickboxing was absolutely amazing. We got to practice punching and kicking on the punching bags and it felt so great to use all of the strength and force I have and just go at it.

Saturday morning was for a really relaxed yoga class and Sunday was for strength training again (the usual instructor wasn’t there so the class wasn’t as hard as it is when she’s instructing it). I was just beyond happy that I was done with another week, just like that.

I feel really, really great at the gym and it feels like a natural part of my routine again. I actually enjoy the feeling I have whenever I work out and don’t dread it (some days I still do a little bit when motivation is really low, but I just need to work through it all). It’s crazy how fast it’s gone. And if 5 weeks have gone by super fast then will the next 5 be just as fast and I’ll be at week 10 in no time? (And probably enjoying seeing my body change even more!)

I’m proud and feel great about myself. And I hope that I’ll keep doing this amazing.


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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