week 2: back home and back to the gym

Being back home in Tampere, Finland, felt weird. I became really amazing friends with Patty last semester and she was in Tampere for 5 months on her exchange from the Netherlands. We spent so much time together; you could ask anyone and they would tell you that you can count the times you saw us without each other on one hand. So it felt a bit empty to not have a really great friend there anymore. It also felt weird because this was the start of my last semester in Finland. Absolutely crazy to think about how far I’ve come (you know, in life). But I’ll write about all that another time (in another, not-so-fitness-related post).

First week training with weights and instructors in probably months. I can just say that I really needed to get my butt to the gym cause working out with the weights and live instruction felt so great.

I did two sessions of weight training and two sessions of cardio (Zumba and a 10km run). The 10km run was definitely the toughest since it was the first one in a while but it might’ve been one of the most rewarding workouts I’ve done in a while since it took so much willpower to run it. And the body weight workout on Sunday? Left me so incredibly sore.

I had a mostly 20 of the 80/20 rule day this week. Saturday. I stayed in and ate a bunch of bread and chocolate. I didn’t try to resist the cravings much cause I felt like my body needed carbs so I let it have carbs. It was okay though since the next day I was back to eating at least 80% clean. Treating yourself is always okay when you feel like you deserve it.

My motivation has stayed high, like I expected, and I’m also expecting it to drop sometime in the next two weeks. Then I’ll need serious willpower and that dedication in order to get my bum to the gym and control my diet.


Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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