week 1: Texas sunshine

Welcome to the start of following this plan! Or just welcome to my blog, I hope you find something at least a little bit interesting or helpful here.

People say that beginning things is the hardest. When it comes to me and fitness, that isn’t true. In the beginning, my motivation is (typically) always sky high (but trust me, I will already struggle SO MUCH when I get to week 3 and I’m not seeing my body change as fast as I’d like to see). First two weeks usually go great for me and I fight cravings well. I feel strong, motivated and proud of doing this.

The first week went by so fast. Probably because I was home at my parent’s home in the US.

When I woke up on Monday morning, I really did not want to go run. I still felt tired and my bed felt so comfortable and I just wanted to keep sleeping. This feeling seems to be really familiar to a lot of people when I’ve asked. But I had planned to run as my cardio this week and the weather was so lovely most of the week so why not take advantage of it? It was really hard to see that good side from under the warm blankets though.

“Do I really start this today? Couldn’t I do it later, or tomorrow?”

I pretty much forced myself to get out of my bed and get dressed and ready to go run. And in retrospect, I’m happy I forced myself. I really just needed someone to kick my butt and tell me to just do it. There was just no one else to do it but myself. It wasn’t the easiest thing to get out of bed to go run again later in the week (I kind of went through the same questions, “Could I do this tomorrow?”), but I still forced myself to do it. It’s called discipline. Doing what you know you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing it.

I did four days of working out total; two cardio and two strength training (which were full body workouts). Both cardio were running and those were more difficult for me to do (because I need more motivation to go run than to do squats).

This week I also signed up for a weekly kickboxing classes and astanga yoga classes that start the last week of January (so two more weeks after the first week) and I’m pretty excited.

Trying to eat mostly healthy (80/20 rule!) was quite difficult since my parents cook really amazing food and I couldn’t say no to all the treats. But I did try to eat more consciously and I think I’ve had a great start (after a few months of not really watching what I eat since I was just so busy).

I also traveled back home at the end of the week but I still managed to work out four times a week and start changing my diet into a cleaner one. There’s no point in waiting for tomorrow. You really just have to plan it and kick your own butt into shape and do what needs to be done. Of course my first week wasn’t perfect but I think it was a good start.

No progress pictures updated yet but soon enough there will be some!



Any thoughts or comments? I'd love to hear from you!

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